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Sage Timeslips is a desktop-based software designed for businesses to manage their time and billing activities. It helps businesses accurately track employee time, manage billing and invoicing and provide detailed reports to clients.

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Sage Timeslips Features

Time Tracking
Customizable Billing
Expense Tracking
Project Management
Reporting and Analytics
User Management
Mobile Access
Invoice Management
Customizable Fields

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Pricing Plans

Sage Timeslips Starter

Starting at


/ per month

Business requiring only a single license.

Sage Timeslips Standard

Starting at


/ per month

Businesses requiring 1 to 4 networked licenses.

Sage Timeslips Pro

Starting at


/ per month

Businesses with growing teams and flexible billing requirements.

Sage Timeslips Elite

Starting at


/ per month

Large firms that need a highly customizable solution.

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Time and billing software helps to track time spent on projects and bill accurately.

In Sage Timeslips, your time for billing can be tracked using a timeslip. The timekeeper will create a new slip for the many tasks they have throughout the day for the clients. When a slip is entered, you have the ability to enter time spent or even start a timer for exact time tracking. Once slips are entered for the client, a bill can be generated for the client. For the steps to create a slip please visit our Knowledgebase (Article ID 92281).

Time tracking software helps you and your team record time spent on tasks and projects for your clients, so your firm is compensated accurately for hours worked.

Sage Timeslips integrates with all of your favorite tools, including Sage 50, Quickbooks, and LawPay. Learn how easy it is to accept payments for your firm with LawPay.
To protect and secure your client’s data, we do not currently offer a mobile app for Sage Timeslips. However, for users that desire the freedom of a web-based application, we offer eCenter.  Sage Timeslips eCenter allows the flexibility of entering your time from any device with a web browser.
We have a range of tutorials, articles, and support available for using Timeslips. Browse our Knowledgebase for detailed instructions on how to use Timeslips in your business.
Our cloud-based time tracking and billing solution launches on March 31, 2023. Check if your business can benefit from being an early adopter of Timeslips Anywhere by visiting our early adopter page. The early adopter phase runs from March 31 to September 30, 2023. Contact our team to determine if Timeslips Premium or Timeslips Anywhere is a better fit for your business.
Depending on the features you and your team need, Sage Timeslips costs as little $47/month for powerful time-tracking, invoicing, and more. Learn how to get started free now.
Entering your payments in Sage Timeslips is easy to do.
  1. Go to the TransactionsAccounts Receivable tab.
  2. Select the yellow add (+) button.
  3. Change the Type dropdown to Payment.
  4. Select the Client, enter the date, check number and amount as required
  5. Click Apply All (or if this is for a specific invoice, follow Article ‘How do I apply a payment to a specific invoice?‘).
  6. Click Save.
For complete detailed instructions on entering payments and more in Timeslips, please visit our Knowledgebase.
It is easy to add a new client into Sage Timeslips.
  1. Select NamesClient Info.
  2. Click the yellow add (+) on the toolbar.
  3. Enter any desired nickname for your client.
  4. Select a template from the “Set up this record to match fields from: list”. If you have templates set up, you can choose to use default settings from the template. Click Apply defaults.
  5. Enter or edit information as needed.
  6. Click Save.
You’re all set! For complete detailed instructions on entering payments and more in Timeslips, please visit our Knowledgebase.
Sage Timeslips provides multiple ways of your tracking billable hours to make it easy for you to work. You can set your time though slip entry, slips timers, TimeCapture, eCenter, timesheet entry, and more.