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Sage Intacct represents a revolutionary ERP system that delivers comprehensive financial management control for your organization. This highly intelligent and adaptable software has the power to optimize business and financial operations, enhancing your team’s efficiency and potentially boosting profitability by as much as 20%.

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As a Sage partner, we provide a comprehensive suite of Sage products under one roof. Our team specializes in delivering end-to-end Sage solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs.

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When our clients thrive, we thrive. That’s why we make a commitment to you, ensuring swift issue diagnosis and personalized solutions to optimize your software’s performance.

By selecting Evergreen Accounting for your Sage Intacct support needs, you’ll experience exceptional customer service tailored to your specific requirements. Our approachable experts are accessible via phone or email, and we ensure that every support request is recorded within the hour of submission. Depending on the issue’s severity, our average response time is 8 hours, with priority P1 cases receiving even faster attention.

As an accredited Sage Intacct Partner, our profound knowledge of this software enables Evergreen Accounting to handle the setup of your software, whether you obtained it from us or elsewhere. Moreover, if your current Sage support team isn’t meeting your business needs, we welcome all clients and are ready to customize a support package to suit your unique demands.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Evergreen Accounting today and connect with one of our friendly product experts for expert advice.

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Sage Intacct will allow you to automate key financial processes that will help to close your month-end faster. As a result, you can reduce your close time by up to 79%.

Businesses using multi-currencies or multi-entities can see real-time reporting across hundreds of consolidated entities.

Sage Intacct can also help to drive serious growth for your business. For example, giving finance leaders instant visibility through advanced reporting and dashboards integrated with your favourite tools like Salesforce.

Although the two products are similar, Sage and Sage Intacct are separate product lines targeted at different industries. Sage was founded in the UK under the Sage Group, whereas Sage Intacct was developed in the USA as a financial management tool based on the cloud. 

Using an Oracle database, Sage Intacct can handle millions of daily requests. The database is different to Sage 200, which uses Microsoft SQL.

Yes, Sage Intacct is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The software automates vital accounting processes, allowing you to free up time to improve business performance.

Sage Intacct is indeed Making Tax Digital compliant within the UK. In addition, Sage Intacct offers advanced global tax compliance for those companies that operate in different regions.

Unfortunately, this question can not be answered without a consultation. The cost of Sage Intacct depends on the number of users, user groups, modules needed, customisation, and many other factors. If you’d like a quote to implement Sage Intacct, contact us today.