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Empower Your Finances with QuickBooks Self-Employed


QuickBooks Self-Employed is an accounting software designed specifically for freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners who need a simple and efficient way to manage their finances. It is part of the larger QuickBooks family of accounting software products developed by Intuit.

Features of QuickBooks Self-Employed

Automated Mileage Tracking

Effortlessly track your mileage using your phone's GPS. Categorize your trips with a simple swipe for accurate business record-keeping.

Streamlined Expense Management

Directly import expenses from your bank account and easily distinguish between business and personal expenditures to keep your financial records in order.

Efficient Receipt Organization

Capture receipts by snapping a photo, and let QuickBooks Self-Employed match and categorize expenses for you, providing a hassle-free way to organize your financial transactions.

Insightful Business Reports

Utilize the built-in reporting feature to gain insights into your business's performance. Stay informed about your financial status and identify opportunities for growth.

Automatic Tax Estimation

QuickBooks Self-Employed does the math for you, providing automatic tax estimates. Receive timely reminders for quarterly tax payments, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Seamless Tax Filing with TurboTax

Simplify the tax-filing process by instantly transferring your financial data with the TurboTax bundle. Achieve a smooth and efficient tax filing experience.

What Services do we provide?

Effortless Expense Management

QuickBooks Self-Employed provides users with a user-friendly platform to effortlessly categorize and track their business expenses, ensuring accurate and organized financial records.

Automated Income Organization

Users can rely on QuickBooks Self-Employed to automatically track and categorize their income. The platform also supports the import of income data from various sources, providing a comprehensive overview of financial earnings.

Tax-Ready Financial Insights

With features to estimate quarterly tax payments and maintain organized records of income and expenses, QuickBooks Self-Employed ensures users are well-prepared for tax season, providing clarity and confidence in tax preparation.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

The platform seamlessly integrates with various financial apps, enhancing its functionality and allowing users to connect their financial data with other tools. This integration provides a more comprehensive and interconnected financial management experience.

Why Choose Evergreen Accounting
for QuickBooks Self-Employed?

Ease of Use

QuickBooks Self-Employed is known for its user-friendly interface. Users appreciate software that is intuitive and requires minimal training.

Expense Tracking

The platform allows users to easily track business expenses, which is crucial for maintaining accurate financial records and maximizing deductions during tax filing.

Invoicing Features

For those who need to invoice clients, QuickBooks Self-Employed provides invoicing tools that simplify the process, helping freelancers get paid faster.

Integration with Financial Institutions

Seamless integration with bank accounts and credit cards allows for real-time tracking of financial transactions, reducing manual data entry.

User-Friendly Interface

Mobile Accessibility

With a mobile app, users can manage their finances on the go, capturing receipts, tracking mileage, and staying updated on their financial status from anywhere.

Reports and Analytics

The ability to generate insightful reports and analytics can be crucial for self-employed individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their financial situation and make informed business decisions.


Cost is a significant factor for many self-employed individuals. Offering competitive pricing or flexible subscription plans can be a strong selling point.

Security and Compliance

Ensuring that user data is secure and that the software complies with relevant financial regulations is crucial for building trust among users.

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 David M., Uber Driver: 

“Being an Uber driver means dealing with a lot of transactions. QuickBooks Self-Employed makes it simple to categorize my rides, track mileage, and see how much I’m earning after expenses. It’s an essential tool for any gig worker.”

FAQs About QuickBooks

Yes, QuickBooks Self-Employed allows you to connect your bank accounts and credit cards, making it easier to automatically categorize and track your transactions.

Yes, QuickBooks Self-Employed allows you to create and send professional invoices to your clients. You can also track the status of your invoices and get notifications when they are viewed or paid.

QuickBooks Self-Employed helps with tax preparation by categorizing your income and expenses, tracking deductible mileage, and providing estimates of your quarterly taxes. This can simplify the process when it comes to filing your taxes.

Yes, QuickBooks Self-Employed is a cloud-based accounting solution. This means you can access your financial data from any device with an internet connection.

Yes, QuickBooks Self-Employed has a built-in mileage tracking feature that uses your phone’s GPS to automatically track your business mileage. This can be a valuable tool for tax deductions.

Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, takes security seriously. QuickBooks Self-Employed uses encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect your financial data.

QuickBooks Self-Employed integrates with various third-party apps to enhance its functionality. Common integrations include PayPal, Square, and popular productivity tools.