Keep your staff happy – outsource your payroll!

For many businesses, the job of managing payroll can be troublesome. Small and medium sized businesses tend not have a formal HR function or direct experience of running a payroll system.

To compound the issue, successive governments have introduced more and more changes, allowances and deduction schemes at the point of earning which further complicates the job of paying your team. If you happen to run commission or bonus schemes or choose to look after your staff by offering healthcare or pensions then these will add additional levels of calculation and return to the payroll process.

So not only have you got to juggle all the workings and calculations, but also make sure that everyone gets paid the right amount on time, every week/month – without fail….. and we all know the consequences of not delivering this – UNHAPPY STAFF!

We can help. We can run your payroll scheme for you, either in house at your premises or externally. Once completed, we will provide you with a simple set of accounting transactions, payslips and the final amounts to pay.  All you need to do is tell us:

  • Initial HR information for RTI and set up
  • Basic salary information and payment frequency – or provide number of hours and rate if you use time sheets
  • Any schemes you offer such as private medical, pension, bonus, commission etc.
  • If an employee is on holiday, sick, maternity/paternity or sabbatical, and for how long
  • If anyone has left or joined during the last week/month

From this we can calculate your payroll, make the various returns to HMRC on your behalf and provide you with the information you need to make payment. Subject to how many employees you have and how simple or complex your payroll process is we will provide you with a fixed per head payroll fee or give you an estimate based on the time required to run the payroll.

So why not contact us today to lighten the load and give you one less thing to worry about.

PS – in case you were wondering, we are very used to working to strict deadlines too so you can make sure everything happens on time!

Keeping accurate financial records is not just about fulfilling a legal requirement of running a business. It also provides you with useful information about how the business is performing. Maintaining your accounts helps monitor the cash position and track general business performance.

Using a bookkeeper can help. Here at Evergreen Accounting Services Inc. , we provide a flexible bookkeeping service which means the day-to-day activities of collating sales and purchase data and keeping on top of the bank statement are managed for you. We can handle everything up to accounts preparation handing over the final stage to your accountant.

Subject to the volume of transactions and the help you require, it may be that an hour or two of our time each month is all that is necessary. As the business grows you can call on us to do a little bit more. We can even help with one-off tasks such as VAT returns or personal finances in preparation for self-assessment.

For bigger businesses that need more we provide in-house support on a regular basis e.g. 2 mornings per week. This way we not only stay up to date on the accounts but also keep in touch with you and your business.

So, if the accounts are not getting done but you don’t need in-house accountants, you could consider appointing a bookkeeper. Why not call for an initial chat and a fee estimate?

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