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Maintaining financial records can be a time consuming job. It is typically the last job of the day once you have caught up on correspondence and followed up new opportunities/quotes. As a result, it is often the thing which is put off until another time. If, as the business grows, that keeps happening, ‘doing your accounts’ can snowball into a much larger task/cost.

Keeping accurate financial records is not just about fulfilling a legal requirement of running a business. It also provides you with useful information about how the business is performing. Maintaining your accounts helps monitor the cash position and track general business performance.

Using a bookkeeper can help. Here at Evergreen Accounting Services Inc. , we provide a flexible bookkeeping service which means the day-to-day activities of collating sales and purchase data and keeping on top of the bank statement are managed for you. We can handle everything up to accounts preparation handing over the final stage to your accountant.

Subject to the volume of transactions and the help you require, it may be that an hour or two of our time each month is all that is necessary. As the business grows you can call on us to do a little bit more. We can even help with one-off tasks such as VAT returns or personal finances in preparation for self-assessment.

For bigger businesses that need more we provide in-house support on a regular basis e.g. 2 mornings per week. This way we not only stay up to date on the accounts but also keep in touch with you and your business.

So, if the accounts are not getting done but you don’t need in-house accountants, you could consider appointing a bookkeeper. Why not call for an initial chat and a fee estimate?

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